Recent Projects

Duro Compagnie

Duro Compagnie is the motion graphics and design studio of Danny Rubyono. To improve on the previous Flash-based experience, I designed a responsive portfolio for his work, accomodating desktop, tablet, and phone-sized layouts. The content is driven by Perch.

Mar/2012 UI, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Mobile


FilmBuffr is a small (~9kb) app I created as an entry to the 10k Apart competition. It uses the Netflix Open Data API to pull in film results for directors you're interested in.

Sep/2011 UI, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Mobile

PatientSafe Solutions

PatientSafe Solutions develops mobile applications and hardware products to help hospitals be more efficient. At Waggener Edstrom, I worked on the design and frontend for their corporate site.

Sep/2011 Wireframes, UI, HTML/CSS

Sasquatch! Festival

Sasquatch! is an annual alternative music festival held in central Washington. In collaboration with David Carroll and Tyler Sticka, I was responsible for the design and overall frontend implementation.

Feb/2011 Wireframes, UI, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

Northwest Film Forum

The Northwest Film Forum is a theater in Seattle that offers filmmaking courses and screens independent and classic films. I worked on a new website design concept for them at Waggener Edstrom to demonstrate how their site could be translated to a mobile layout.

Aug/2010 Wireframes, UI, Comps

Bing Your School Needs

Bing "Your School Needs" was an educational initiative where students and teachers could submit their school improvement ideas and get entered to win prize money to put towards the needs of their school. I worked on wireframes and created various design concepts for the website.

Aug/2010 Wireframes, UI, Comps

MFI Werks

MFI Werks is a small auto shop on the Oregon coast that specializes in performance tuning and calibrating Porsche fuel injection systems. Jung Company is currently designing and developing the company's web property and identity.

TBD Wireframes, UI, HTML/CSS, PHP

Taylor Wealth Management

Taylor Wealth Management is an investment firm in Lake Oswego, OR. Jung Company is currently providing all of the design and frontend development for their website, and building a lightweight CMS solution with Perch.


Bing Entertainment

At Waggener Edstrom, I worked with Calvin Ross Carl and Chris Kalani on a website concept to be used in a campaign for Bing Music. The concept revolved around video interviews with musicians and a user-generated content component where users could share music-related stories.

Sep/2010 Wireframes, UI, Comps

Road and Driveway

Newport Road and Driveway is a big provider of pavement and asphalt services on the Oregon coast. Jung Company re-designed their existing website, providing all of the frontend development and implementing a CMS solution using Stacey.

Jul/2010 HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript

Windows Live Preview

At Waggener Edstrom, I worked as the primary designer for the 2010 Windows Live Preview website, which is meant to showcase new features of the Windows Live software suite. I was responsible for the design and frontend development.

Apr/2010 UI, Comps, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

Background / Résumé

Brief Overview

My name is Erik Jung, and I am a web designer and frontend developer currently living in Portland, OR. I create functional and responsive websites using modern web technologies. I am inspired by design that is deceptively simple. I feel that the most successful design is often the design that goes unnoticed.

Education & Experience

Since graduating in 2007 with a BSc in Multimedia & Web Design at The Art Institute of Portland, I have worked as a designer and developer on projects ranging from simple website designs to developing proprietary CMS solutions. I now work with a team of talented designers and developers at Cloud Four producing device-agnostic experiences for clients near and far.

You can also find me on Twitter, Forrst, Facebook, Flickr, and GitHub.